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Areas of Expertise


Through the use of supplementation and Contact Reflex Analysis, we can help restore your body's optimal function. More information can be found HERE.

Neuro Emotional Technique

NET, as it is called, is a stress reduction therapy that explores the physical manifestations of stress on our bodies. More information about this technique can be found HERE.

Cold Laser

Cold Laser increases blood flow and oxygen to tissues, encouraging repair. It stimulates mitochondria at a cellular level ensuring proper cell division takes place where there may be a physical insult.

Rock Tape & Soft Tissue Treatment

Rock Taping increases mobility and stability within joints and muscles, and it restores proper postural patterns throughout the body.   We also offer tool assisted soft tissue therapy that seeks to eliminate muscular knots and adhesions that develop over time. We believe by addressing muscular tone, we can re-establish optimal joint function and movement throughout the body.

My Approach

My approach to healing accounts for the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of those people I treat. We as humans are complex beings, and I believe a comprehensive perspective to healthcare is of utmost importance. 


This philosophy stems from personal experience as I was diagnosed at age 6 with a form of terminal cancer and given no hope of recovery. Conventional medicine could do no more, and doctors said it would take a miracle for me to survive.

After copious amounts of prayer, lifestyle changes, and seeing a plethora of alternative medicine practitioners, I made it. This is my motivating force every day, and I’m immensely grateful to now be in a position to help heal others in a similar way.

My Approach
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